Youth Department Ministry

The primary focus of the Youth Ministry is to reach out to our children and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years. Through meaningful and wholesome activities such as music, Bible study, drama, arts and crafts, field trips, and special worship services, our children can be instructed in the principles of Godly living. We desire to build a partnership between the home, the school and the church in order to provide a spiritual foundation and additional resources for each child. Through the Youth Department,  children have the opportunity to pray, learn, follow, lead, teach, explore, display their talents, develop, serve each other and grow. Activities are planned for each age group according to their physical, social, emotional and spiritual maturity.

Through this ministry, we are committed to provide a solid Biblical foundation through encouraging them to study God’s Word, equip them to know and explain God’s Word and challenge them through scripture memorization, which promotes the seed of God’s Word being planted in their hearts. Our desire is for each youth to come to know Jesus Christ in a more personal way and understand the importance of their relationship with God; to trust God to meet their needs as it applies to their daily lives and challenges, no matter how big or small.

We are committed to equipping each family to be closely involved in their child’s spiritual growth as well as promoting respect of other children, teachers and parents. We also challenge our youth to share with their friends Jesus, pray for their unsaved friends and family, and show the love of Jesus.


Leaders: Presidents: Sister Tanika Mebane

Youth Assistant: Sister Tie’la Guykema

Music Coordinator: Youth Department pending